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Smart Livestock Nutrition

Part of the book series: Smart Animal Production (SMANPR, volume 1)

ISBN: 9783031225833
ISBN: 9783031225833
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Part of the book series: Smart Animal Production (SMANPR, volume 1)

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This book highlights the latest findings and techniques related to nutrition and feed efficiency in animal agriculture. It addresses the key challenges facing the nutrition industry to achieve high animal productivity with minimal environmental impact. The concept of smart nutrition involves the use of smart technologies in the feeding and management of livestock.

The first chapters focus on advances in biological fields such as molecular agriculture and genotype selection, as well as technologies that enhance or enable the collection of relevant information. The next section highlights applications of smart nutrition in a variety of livestock systems, ranging from intensive indoor housing of broilers and pigs to extensive outdoor housing of cattle and sheep, and marine fish farms. Finally, because of the worldwide attention to this issue, the authors address the environmental consequences.

This work, which takes a serious look at how nutrition can be usedto improve sustainability in animal agriculture, is a key literature for readers in animal and veterinary sciences, the food industry, sustainability research, and agricultural engineering.

  • Up-to-date information on feeding livestock in view of recent technological advances
  • Combines both theoretical (modelling) aspects and practical applications
  • A synthesis of biological principles with technological details