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Smith’s Recognizable Patterns of Human Deformation, 5th Edition

ISBN: 9780443114144
ISBN: 9780443114144
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The only reference devoted to the diagnoses and management of birth defects resulting from mechanical forces, Smith’s Recognizable Patterns of Human Deformation, 5th Edition, provides evidence-based management for a range of common pediatric problems affecting the limbs and craniofacial region. Continuing the tradition of excellence established by Dr. Smith’s research and teaching, this title supplies highly readable, well-illustrated guidance needed for timely intervention and effective treatment in order to avoid long-term adverse secondary consequences. It’s an ideal resource offering comprehensive, systematic coverage for residents, pediatricians, practitioners, or parents seeking further information in this complex area.
Key Features
  • Examines the initial clinical approach to suspected deformation problems, and then walks you through pathogenesis, diagnostic features, management, prognosis, and counseling for each condition.
  • Addresses a full range of lower extremity deformations; joint dislocations; nerve palsies; chest and spinal deformations; head and neck deformations; craniosynostosis and cranial bone variations; problems associated with abnormal birth presentation, birth palsies, and procedure-related defects; infant head shape variations; and torticollis.
  • Includes new chapters on early embryonic disruption and fetal disruption, new Key Points boxes throughout, new insights and references in every chapter, and a new video on the physical examination of a patient with a congenital radial nerve palsy.
  • Distinguishes deformations from malformations for appropriate management.
  • Utilizes four consistent sections in every chapter—Genesis, Features, Management and Prognosis, and Differential Diagnosis—to provide concise yet comprehensive information on 50 common pediatric conditions.
  • Provides evidence-based management recommendations on common fetal complications such as oligohydramnios, pulmonary hypoplasia, and uterine structural abnormalities, and discusses current management techniques for each.
  • Offers essential information to a range of professionals, including neonatologists, pediatricians, family practitioners, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, rehabilitative specialists, pediatric nurse practitioners, and residents in all fields.
  • An eBook version is included with purchase. The eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references, with the ability to search, customize your content, make notes and highlights, and have content read aloud. Any additional digital ancillary content may publish up to 6 weeks following the publication date.