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Snell’s Clinical Anatomy by Regions Eleventh edition

ISBN: 9781975194093
ISBN: 9781975194093
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11η έκδοση

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Praised for its clear and consistent organization, approachable illustrations, and emphasis on clinical applications, Snell’s Clinical Anatomy by Regions, 11th Edition, pairs expert perspectives with engaging features for a proven learning and teaching resource on the practical application of anatomy.

The ideal resource for medical and related health professions programs, this trusted text guides students through the fundamentals of human anatomy, details the how and why behind each structure, and delivers the hands-on support essential to sound clinical choices.

This 11th Edition is rich with new and updated illustrations and reflects an enhanced organization to help students confidently navigate body regions from surface to deep structures, integrating basic anatomy, clinical information, surface and radiographic anatomy, and developmental anatomy (embryology) to provide a complete introduction to essential concepts and equip students for clinical success.

  • Clinical Examples emphasize real-world applications of anatomy through dramatic narratives.
  • Chapter Outlines and Objectives keep students focused on the most clinically relevant concepts and structures.
  • Clinical Notes clarify the clinical implications of anatomy on commonly encountered conditions, traumas, surgeries, and physical exams.
  • Embryology Notes integrate and simplify developmental anatomy concepts.
  • Key Concepts summaries reinforce essential chapter content at a glance.
  • Online Review Questions test retention and strengthen exam preparation.