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Stahl’s Illustrated Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia

ISBN: 9780521133227
ISBN: 9780521133227

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As with Stahls Essential Psychopharmacology and The Prescribers Guide, Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia is a full-colour title with a fun approach to theories. Stahl has been at the heart of many recent advances in the understanding of pain psychology, which has been reflected in the development of a new and wide variety of psychopharmologic and non-psychopharmologic pain medications. The visual learner will find that these books make psychopharmacology concepts easy to master, while the non-visual learner will enjoy a shortened text version of complex psychopharmacology concepts. Readers will find that the well-structured vocabulary combines with tables and algorithms to help build a vivid conception of current clinical strategies. The title is essential reading for pharmaceutical and mental health professionals, neurologists and pain management specialists. The Suggested Reading section at the end of the book is an invaluable tool for more in-depth learning on particular concepts.

• Stahl is a high profile name in psychopharmacology
• Each unique book in the series includes educational objectives and questions for the reader
• Text contains complementary tables and algorithms that provide clinical strategies and tips for drug dosaging


1. Pain affects us all
2. Neurobiology of pain
3. The pain patient
4. Pain disorders
5. Pain drugs
6. Monitoring and caring for patients in pain.