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Stahl’s Illustrated Pharmacological Treatments for Psychosis 3rd Edition

Part of Stahl’s Illustrated

ISBN: 9781009485043
ISBN: 9781009485043
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Part of Stahl’s Illustrated

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The new edition of ‘Stahl’s Illustrated Pharmacological Treatments for Psychosis’ (previously entitled ‘Stahl’s Illustrated Antipsychotics’) provides the essential practical support required by anyone treating people with psychosis in the field of mental health. Incorporating information on the newest indications, formulations, recommendations, and safety data, all presented in a clear concise manner alongside informative and easy-to-understand illustrations. ‘Stahl’s Illustrated Pharmacological Treatments for Psychosis 3e’ is a concise guide, with all concepts illustrated by full-color figures and tables, that will be familiar to readers of ‘Stahl’s Essential Psychopharmacology’ and the ‘Prescriber’s Guide’. The visual learner will find that this book makes psychopharmacological concepts easier to master, and the non-visual learner will enjoy this book’s short explanations of complex psychopharmacological concepts. Each chapter builds upon previous ones, synthesizing information about basic biology, diagnostics, treatment plans, complications, and comorbidities. This book is the essential guide for mental health providers caring for psychiatric patients.

  • Part of a series of highly illustrated atlases that are easily carried; each book addresses a specific topic in psychopharmacology
  • The user-friendly series is supplemented with complementary tables and algorithms that provide clinical strategies as well as educational objectives and questions for the reader
  • Featuring valuable Tips and Pearls in a quick reference format and pocket-sized to ensure portability


CME/CE Information
1. Schizophrenia as the Prototypical Psychotic Disorder
2. Three Neurotransmitter Networks Linked to Psychosis
3. From Circuits to Mechanisms of Treatments for Psychosis and Side Effects
4. Pharmacological Properties of Selected Dopamine Receptor Blocking Agents
5. Switching Strategies and Converting to Long-Acting Injectables
6. Future Treatments