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Stroke Prevention and Treatment

An Evidence-based Approach

ISBN: 9781107113145
ISBN: 9781107113145

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An Evidence-based Approach

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Stroke is the second leading cause of death and a leading cause of disability worldwide. This invaluable reference provides clinicians caring for stroke patients with ready access to the optimal evidence for best practice in stroke prevention, acute stroke treatment, and stroke recovery. Now an edited volume, the editors and authors, many of whom are members of the Cochrane Stroke Review Group, describe all available medical, endovascular, and surgical treatments; the rationale for using them; and the strength of the evidence for their safety and effectiveness. New chapters cover key, rapidly advancing therapeutic topics, including prehospital stroke care and regionalized stroke systems, endovascular reperfusion therapy, and electrical and magnetic brain stimulation to enhance recovery. This is an essential resource for clinicians translating into practice the many dramatic advances that have been made in the treatment and prevention of stroke, and suggesting the most appropriate interventions.

  • Discussion of the results of systematic reviews of randomized controlled trials of interventions provides clinicians with a current, evidence-based overview of stroke care
  • Interpretation of the current evidence by an international panel of leading experts facilitates translation of best evidence into best practice
  • New coverage of primary prevention of stroke, and stroke rehabilitation and recovery, in addition to continued in-depth coverage of secondary stroke prevention and acute stroke treatment, ensures clinicians can find the advice relevant to their patients needs