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Structure & Function of the Body – Softcover, 17th Edition

ISBN: 9780323871730
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Gain a solid foundation in A&P with this easy-to-understand text! Clear and straightforward, Structure & Function of the Body, 17th Edition introduces the typical structure and function of the human body and describes what the body does to maintain homeostasis. The book shows how structure fits function, using clinical examples to reinforce A&P concepts and featuring hundreds of photos and micrographs for realistic visual detail. Written by a team of experts led by Kevin Patton, this text includes an Evolve website packed with animations, audio pronunciations, review questions, and other interactive learning resources.
Key Features
  • NEW! Updated content is added, and new line art and photos ensure wider representation of skin color, sex, age, body type, and cultural diversity.
  • NEW! Inclusive terminology reduces the emphasis on eponyms — for example, the term “normal” is more carefully used to avoid implying that healthy conditions outside the average are “abnormal.”
  • NEW! The latest scientific thinking introduces or expands upon emerging core concepts such as the human microbiome, with a new diagram illustrating the changes in the microbiome throughout the human life cycle.
  • Clear, conversational writing style is paired with “chunked” content, which breaks down the material into smaller, bite-sized bits of information that are easier to read and understand.
  • More than 400 full-color photos, micrographs, and drawings illustrate the diversity and detail of the human body.
  • Language of Science and Medicine lists in each chapter includes key terms, pronunciations, and word parts to highlight new or complex medical terminology.
  • NEW! Updated Connect It! boxes refer you to articles on Evolve that integrate concepts and discuss the latest clinical developments and scientific research, showing “the big picture” of human structure and function.
  • NEW! Updated Science Application boxes discuss possible career paths within the context of a diversity of historical figures and their life stories.
  • NEW! Quick Guide to the Language of Science and Medicine is added to Evolve, helping you learn medical terminology without the need for a separate textbook.
  • UNIQUE! 22-page Clear View of the Human Body insert allows you to peel back the layers of the human body, both male and female, by flipping through full-color, semi-transparent pages.
  • Student-friendly features make learning easier with chapter outlines, chapter objectives, key terms, study hints, frequent Quick Check questions, chapter summaries, review questions, critical thinking questions, chapter tests, and more.
  • Boxed sidebars include Health and Well-Being, Clinical Application, Research, Issues, and Trends, and Science Applications to help you apply concepts and develop critical thinking skills.
  • Resources on the Evolve website include animations, audio summaries, audio pronunciations, the Body Spectrum anatomy coloring book, review questions, and FAQs with answers from the authors.