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Study Guide for Structure & Function of the Body, 17th Edition

ISBN: 9780323871792
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Reinforce your understanding of A&P concepts with this practical study guide! With chapters corresponding to those in the Structure & Function of the Body, 17th Edition textbook, this workbook provides review questions and exercises to help you master the most important material. Each chapter begins with an overview of the concepts covered in each chapter of the textbook, and then tests your understanding with a variety of questions and activities. Answers to all questions are included in the back of the book.
Key Features
  • NEW! Updated content corresponds to the updates in the Structure & Function of the Body, 17th Edition textbook.
  • Brief synopsis of core concepts in each chapter provides an overview of the most essential content from the textbook.
  • Matching, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and true/false exercises reinforce your understanding of content.
  • Crossword puzzles and Word Finds help you master new vocabulary terms and their spellings.
  • Anatomy drawings and labeling exercises help you learn to identify the structures of the body and master terminology.
  • Application questions help you develop critical thinking skills and make judgments based on information in the chapter.
  • Answers to exercises are found in the back of the guide.
  • Study tips in the Preface offer insights into the most effective methods for learning and retaining information.


1. Introduction to the Body
2. Chemistry of Life
3. Cells
4. Tissues
5. Organ Systems
6. Skin and Membranes
7. Skeletal System
8. Muscular System
9. Nervous System
10. Senses
11. Endocrine System
12. Blood
13. Cardiovascular System
14. Lymphatic System and Immunity
15. Respiratory System
16. Digestive System
17. Nutrition and Metabolism
18. Urinary System
19. Fluid and Electrolyte Balance
20. Acid-Base Balance
21. Reproductive Systems
22. Growth, Development, and Aging
Answer Key