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Stuttering 6e Lippincott Connect International Edition Print Book and Digital Access Card Package Sixth edition, International Edition

ISBN: 9781975236380
ISBN: 9781975236380

Paperback + Digital Access Card Package


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Succinct, straightforward, and rich with engaging learning features, Stuttering: An Integrated Approach to Its Nature and Treatment, 6th Edition, establishes a fundamental understanding of the science and treatment of stuttering and other fluency disorders. This respected text is logically organized, delivering an overview of stuttering’s etiology and development followed by the latest approaches to accurate assessment and treatment. Incorporating a wealth of new content, videos, review questions, this 6th Edition reflects the most up-to-date methodologies and equips users for confidence from the classroom to clinical practice.

  • NEW! Chapter on the treatment of adolescents brings new perspectives to stuttering therapy with teens.
  • UPDATED! Online videosclarify important stuttering concepts and treatment techniques in vivid detail.
  • NEW! Sections provide essential coverage of emerging topics in the field, including stuttering acceptance and techniques to help clients reduce fear and shame.
  • UPDATED! 150 new review questions enhance an already robust online question bank that tests students’ retention and reinforces key chapter content.