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Success in The Duke Elder Examination: 180 MCQs

ISBN: 9781787791268
ISBN: 9781787791268
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Named after the pioneering Scottish ophthalmologist, Sir Stewart Duke-Elder, this exam is intended for medical students who have completed their ophthalmology undergraduate teaching, but it is open to all medical undergraduates provided they have not graduated at the time of the examination. Students may take the examination on more than one occasion provided they have not yet graduated and have not previously won the prize.

The exam is a notoriously competitive and difficult exam to sit during medical school. Each year students can register for the exam before December and the exam is held in early March. Two hours are allocated to answer ninety multiple choice questions. The standard of some questions that students encounter is beyond those of the undergraduate ophthalmology curriculum experienced during medical school. It consists of questions from the different sub-specialties within ophthalmology (Eye News).

Sponsored by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, the candidate gaining the highest mark will be offered to chance to visit St John’s Eye Hospital in Jerusalem. The winning candidate can alternatively choose a cash prize of £400.

Although not a mandatory part of ophthalmology training, students are encouraged to take the exam as a pass gives a credit on the CV and also gains points towards an ST1 interview. It is also good practice in preparation for other exams.

Compiled by authors who have all passed the Duke Elder examination, this book presents 180 multiple choice questions and answers with clear and in depth explanations. The first section provides a structured practice paper sectioned out by topic to assist revision, and the second section consists of a full unstructured mock exam.

Questions have been written specifically with the Duke Elder exam in mind, making this book an invaluable revision aid to help achieve success in the examination.