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Syncope From Etiopathogenesis to New Therapeutic Options

ISBN: 9781032542331
ISBN: 9781032542331
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Syncope is a common condition related to transient loss of consciousness due to global cerebral hypoperfusion and caused by a variety of aetiologies. Although it is self-limited, and usually benign, syncope can be the harbinger of life-threatening heart rhythm problems due to cardiac conditions. A multidisciplinary approach is practical for its evaluation and treatment, requiring the expertise of cardiologists, neurologists, emergency medicine specialists, and other clinicians. This book provides a detailed review of etiopathogenesis and a state-of the art update on therapeutic options offering recommendations based on the guidelines and experience of experts while discussing procedures and tests with their indications, methodology, interpretation, and limitations.

Key Features: 1. Discusses new diagnostic tools, and therapeutic modalities, with supportive videos in each chapter. 2. Provides up-to-date recommendations regarding the indications for and appropriate interpretation of non-invasive and invasive cardiac testing, for cardiologists and internists. 3. Places particular emphasis on diagnosing and treating reflex and arrhythmic syncope.


Chapter 1: Syncope: Definition, Terminology and Classification


John A. Paydar, Liane A. Arcinas, Carlos A. Morillo, Robert S Sheldon, and Satish R Raj


Chapter 2. Epidemiology and Economics of Syncope

Dana Shiffer and Raffaello Furlan

Chapter 3. Etiopathogenesis of Syncope

Lina E. Lombo, Juan Camilo Guzmán

Chapter 4. Initial Evaluation and Risk Stratification in Syncope

Robert Sheldon, Liane Arcinas, Frederik de Lange, and Roopinder Sandhu

Chapter 5. Diagnostic Tests in Syncope

Chapter 5A. Tilt-table testing, Autonomic Tests and Electrophysiological Study

Wayne O Adkisson, and David G Benditt

Chapter 5B. ECG, Prolonged Ambulatory Monitoring, and Exercise Stress Testing

Matthew T. Bennett, and  Andrew D Krahn

Chapter 6. Reflex Syncope

6A. Vasovagal Syncope

William H. Parker, Mark W. Chapleau, and Brian Olshansky

6B. Other Causes of Reflex syncope

Piotr Kulakowski

Chapter 7. Adenosine Sensitive Syncope: Diagnosis & Management

Régis Guieu, Michele Brignole, and Jean Claude Deharo

Chapter 8. Disorders of Orthostatic Intolerance: Orthostatic Hypotension and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome

Jacquie R. Baker, and Satish R. Raj

Chapter 9. Cardiac Syncope

Angel Moya-Mitjans and Jaume Francisco-Pascual

Chapter 10. Syncope in children

Khalil Kanjwal, Wasim Rashid, and Blair P. Grubb

Chapter 11. Pseudosyncope and ictal syncope: Diagnosis & Management


Leonardo Calò, Marco Rebecchi, Pietro Desimone, Doménico Giamundo, Ermenegildo De Ruvo, and Antonella Sette


Chapter 12. Other neurological conditions (Sleep disorders, autonomic failure, and structural brain lesions)

Ann-Kathrin Kahle, Katharina Scherschel, Fares-Alexander Alken, and Christian Meyer

Chapter 13. Management of Reflex Syncope

13A. Non-pharmacological and Pharmacological Management of Reflex Syncope

Giulia Rivasi, and Artur Fedorowski

13B. Cardioneuroablation

Tolga Aksu, Jeanne M. Du-Fay-de-Lavallaz, and Asad Khan

13C. Cardiac Pacing in Reflex Syncope

Michael Liu, Dan Sorajja, and Win-Kuang Shen

Chapter 14. The Legal Aspects of Syncope

Frederik J de Lange, and Robert S Sheldon

Chapter 15. Syncope & Falls in Older Adults

Desmond O’ Donnell, and Rose Anne Kenny