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Tackling Obesity and Overweight Matters in Health and Social Care 1st Edition

ISBN: 9781032189475
ISBN: 9781032189475
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This practical guide helps health or social care professionals across all settings to understand how important it is to prevent and manage their service users’ overweight and obesity, and motivate them to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, so reducing their risk of associated health conditions such as diabetes and now COVID-19. Obesity and associated health problems represent a growing health burden around the world, with rates throughout Europe increasing sharply over the last forty years, second only to the United States and closely followed by many nations in Asia.

The book will be an invaluable manual for general practice, primary care and community clinicians, practice and community nurses and dietitians and a go-to reference for health professionals across all medical specialties and related support services, as well as medical education, public health and social care worker professionals.




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Introduction: Focus on Overweight and Obesity as a Priority

1. The Scale of the Problem・Overweight and Obesity

2. Managing Child Overweight and Obesity

3. Managing Adult Overweight and Obesity in Primary Care

4. Managing Diabetes and Prediabetes

5. Digital Approaches to Weight Management

6. Different Dietary Approaches

7. Alternative Approaches: Behavioural Therapy, Physical Activity and Other Techniques to Support Planned Weight Loss

8. Drug Therapy for Obesity

9. Surgical Treatments of Obesity

10. Calculating the Costs of Overweight and Obesity

11. Successful Patient Stories・Learning from Them

Appendix 1. Shared Management Plan for a Person Who Is Overweight or Obese and Already Motivated to Reduce Weight—Signed Up to an Interactive Text Messaging Service

Appendix 2. Useful Resources