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Teaching the World to Sleep. Psychological and Behavioural Assessment and Treatment Strategies for People with Sleeping Problems and Insomnia 2nd Edition

ISBN: 9781032435138
ISBN: 9781032435138
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Teaching the World to Sleep provides a complete, science-based overview of sleep and sleep problems, from environmental, legal, and technological factors to assessment and treatment options.

David R. Lee introduces the basic scientific concepts involved in sleep and provides a clear description of insomnias and the parasomnias. Teaching the World to Sleep discusses NICE-recommended Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-i) and the REST programme® and outlines considerations for at-risk groups, sleep and the law, and the application of dreams and dreaming in psychotherapy. This second edition includes a full update on research conducted since the publication of the first edition and includes new information on sleep in the legal setting, the rise of sleep apps and trackers and their impact on our sleep. Lee also considers neurodiversity, sleep in long Covid, rare and unusual sleep disorders and the delivery of treatment using the NHS-recommended stepped-care approach.

Teaching the World to Sleep will be essential reading for psychotherapists, occupational therapists, and other professionals working with clients with sleep problems. It will also provide an accessible introduction to the science of sleep to readers looking to understand their own sleep problems.


The Science of Sleep. Insomnias and the Parasomnias. The Assessment of Sleep, Sleep Apps, trackers and the rise of the wearable. The Treatment of Sleep Problems and Insomnia. The REST Programme. Considerations for Vulnerable Groups. Medico-legal aspects of sleep. Dreams and Dreaming. Epilogue: Conclusions.