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Techniques in Epilepsy Surgery

The MNI Approach

ISBN: 9781107007499
ISBN: 9781107007499

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The MNI Approach

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Techniques in Epilepsy Surgery presents the operative procedures used in the treatment of intractable epilepsy in a practical, clinically relevant manner. Founded by pioneering neurosurgeon Wilder Penfield, the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) is a leading global centre of epilepsy surgery and this volume reflects the Institutes approach, combining traditional techniques with modern neuronavigation-based approaches. There is an emphasis on mastering the important trilogy of topographic, vascular and functional anatomy of the brain. The basic anatomical and physiological mechanisms underlying epilepsy are presented in a practical manner, along with the clinical seizure evaluation that leads to a surgical hypothesis. The consultation skills and investigations necessary for appropriate patient selection are discussed, as well as pitfalls and the avoidance of complications. This is an invaluable resource not only for neurosurgeons, neurosurgical residents and fellows in epilepsy surgery, but also for neurologists, and others who provide medical care for patients with intractable epilepsy.


• Combines the MNI approach with modern approaches to epilepsy surgery in an integrated clinical way
• Covers evaluation and selection of patients for epilepsy surgery, including history-taking and investigations
• Includes step-by-step details of the operative procedures used in epilepsy surgery


1. History of epilepsy surgery
2. The search of the epileptic focus: investigation of the surgical candidate
3. Surgical anatomy
4. Neuronavigation and preoperative brain mapping
5. Stereoelectroencephalography (stereotactic intracranial recording)
6. Anaesthesia and awake procedure
7. Preoperative cortical mapping
8. Endopial resection (intervascular endopial gyral emptying)
9. Surgery of temporal lobe epilepsy: cortico-amygdalo-hippocampectomy
10. Surgery of temporal lobe epilepsy: transcortical selective amygdalo-hippocampectomy
11. Surgery of central area epilepsy
12. Surgery of frontal lobe epilepsy
13. Surgery of parietal lobe epilepsy
14. Surgery of insular lobe epilepsy
15. Surgery of occipital lobe epilepsy
16. Hemispherectomy
17. Callosotomy
18. Epilepsy and brain tumours
19. Surgical treatment of cortical dysplasias
20. Reoperations in failed epilepsy surgery
21. Alternate procedures
22. Complications of epilepsy surgery
23. Quality of life after epilepsy surgery