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Tecklin’s Pediatric Physical Therapy 6e Lippincott Connect International Edition Print Book and Digital Access Card Package Sixth edition

ISBN: 9781975229894
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Bundled with Lippincott® Connect, Tecklin’s Pediatric Physical Therapy is more informative and approachable than ever. By using multimedia content and customizable assignments, this edition strengthens comprehension and prepares you for success in your course.

Trusted for decades by Physical Therapy students as well as experienced therapists who want to improve their knowledge, Tecklin’s Pediatric Physical Therapy provides a comprehensive and logical overview of some of the most common pediatric physical therapy diagnoses.

This straightforward approach presents basic medical information regarding common clinical diagnostic categories followed by coverage of physical therapy examination, intervention and special considerations within each diagnostic group.

Content in this 6th Edition has been thoroughly updated and reorganized to help prepare students for today’s clinical challenges, accompanied by case studies and interactive features that reinforce understanding and instill the clinical decision-making skills essential to successful practice.

Lippincott® Connect enhances your student experience in an all-in-one learning solution combining an interactive eBook, multimedia content, and assessment. Instructors can customize the course, create assignments, and track your progress. Students maximize efficiency through valuable feedback and remediation. Key performance insights are reported in a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to tailor your learning experiences.

  • Revised organization reflects the latest information consistent with The APTA Guide to Physical Therapist Practice.
  • New chapters cover regional pain disorders – written by experts working in the premier pain management program in the US – and management of pediatric clients through the transition to adulthood.
  • Updated content presents the most current pediatric PT management approaches to orthotics and prosthetics, complex pain syndromes, autism spectrum disorder and autoimmune disorders.
  • Updated clinical case studies guide students through the patient examination and intervention process.
  • Expanded coverage of Pediatric Practice Settings provides additional context on where pediatric clinicians practice by adding acute care, rehabilitation, and outpatient settings to the existing chapters on NICU and educational settings.