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Telehealth in Urology, 1st Edition

ISBN: 9780323874809
ISBN: 9780323874809
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Offering significant benefits to both healthcare providers and patients, telehealth is a key component in the future of urology and patient care. Telehealth in Urology is a step-by-step, illustrated guide for clinicians who are beginning a telehealth offering or are interested in adopting new digital technologies—all specific and relevant to today’s urology practice. It covers the key information you need to know—from necessary equipment to the practice team—with clear explanations of how you can best use telemedicine to provide timely, effective care to every patient.
Key Features
  • Explains how to establish and conduct telehealth consultations and describes the growing number of options in telehealth diagnostics, patient monitoring, and digital therapeutics.
  • Offers practical examples of conducting telehealth visits for common adult and pediatric urological complaints, for both benign and malignant conditions.
  • Guides readers step by step through the many practical challenges of telemedicine for clinicians, patients, and practices, and describes the opportunities that lay ahead for the field.
  • Covers regulatory, compliance, and technical principles of telehealth devices and applications for use in urology, including key topics such as data protection, patient privacy, e-prescribing, remote diagnostics and monitoring, and much more.
Author Information
By Dara Lundon, MD MBA PhD , Director of Clinical Trials & Innovation, Assistant Professor of Urology, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, New York


PART 1 Regulations concerning telehealth provision
CHAPTER 1 Regulations and requirements for telehealth provision
CHAPTER 2 Patient privacy laws
PART 2 How do I get started providing a telehealth service?
CHAPTER 3 Getting started in telehealth
CHAPTER 4 Infrastructure and security in telehealth
CHAPTER 5 Patient considerations and Leading change for telehealth providers
PART 3 What telehealth tools are available for urology?
CHAPTER 6 Telehealth tools, conducting a consultation and the ethical practice of telemedicine
CHAPTER 7 Remote diagnostics in urology
CHAPTER 8 Remote patient monitoring in urology
CHAPTER 9 Digital therapeutics
CHAPTER 10 Remote surgery
CHAPTER 11 E-prescribing