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Ten Cate’s Oral Histology, 10th Edition

Development, Structure, and Function

ISBN: 9780323798952
ISBN: 9780323798952
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Development, Structure, and Function

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Gain a solid foundation in the structure and function of oral tissues with the definitive text in oral histology! Ten Cate’s Oral Histology, 10th Edition covers the latest research and thinking on general embryology, the development of the head (especially the structures in and around the mouth), oral anatomy, the structure of the tooth, salivary glands, the temporomandibular joint, and more. Clear explanations and full-color photos, micrographs, drawings, and charts help you better understand even the most complex topics. Edited by noted educator Dr. Antonio Nanci and written with the collaboration of some notable experts, this renowned text also provides excellent preparation for the histology content in the INDBE exam.
Key Features
  • NEW! An eBook version is included with print purchase. The eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures and references, with the ability to search, customize your content, make notes and highlights, and have content read aloud.
  • NEW! Updated review questions for the INDBE exam are added to the eBook included with print purchase, along with interactive drag-and-drop labelling exercises, providing extra practice for the exam.
  • A robust art program includes full-color photomicrographs and 3D art, as well as detailed histological and structural images to help differentiate the microanatomy of tissues.
  • Molecular concepts are integrated to help you understand genes and mechanisms implicated in embryogenesis, development, cell function, and matrix events.
  • Application of histology content to the clinical setting is emphasized throughout the book.
  • User-friendly approach emphasizes learning and understanding concepts rather than memorization of detail, and also allows you to use individual chapters or sections independently.
  • Feature boxes provide a broader context, present new concepts, and discuss topics of clinical relevance.


1. Structure of the Oral Tissues 2. General Embryology 3. Embryology of the Head, Face, and Oral Cavity 4. Cytoskeleton, Cell Junctions, Fibroblasts, and Extracellular Matrixes 5. Development of the Tooth and Its Supporting Tissues 6. Bone 7. Enamel: Composition, Formation, and Structure 8. Dentin-Pulp Complex 9. Periodontium 10. Physiologic Tooth Movement: Eruption and Shedding 11. Salivary Glands 12. Oral Mucosa 13. Temporomandibular Joint 14. Facial Growth and Development