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Textbook of Cosmetic Dermatology 6th Edition

ISBN: 9781032270678
ISBN: 9781032270678
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This text documents the science that lies behind the expanding field of cosmetic dermatology so that clinicians can practice with confidence and researchers can be fully aware of the clinical implications of their work. New chapters have been added to this edition on skin bioengineering, skin imaging, sunscreens, gel nail polish, management of hair loss, cosmetics and moisturizers in acne management, cryolipolysis, and radiofrequency for minimally invasive body contouring, amongst others, and chapters have been updated throughout to keep this at the forefront of work and practice.

The Series in Cosmetic and Laser Therapy is published in association with the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy.


List of Contributors.

1. Skin physiology and gender – Ethel Tur. 2. Climatic Influence on Cosmetic Skin Parameters – Mathias Rohr and Andreas Schrader. 3. Transepidermal Water Loss – Jan Kottner. 4. Nail Penetration – Xiaoying Hui and Howard I. Maibach. 5. Advances in Skin Bioengineering – Enzo Berardesca and Norma Cameli. 6. Advances in Skin Imaging in Cosmetology and Aesthetic Dermatology – Ferial Fanian. 7. Sensitive Skin: New Findings Yield New Insights – Miranda A. Farage and Howard I. Maibach. 8. Organic Acids with Novel Functions: Hydroxy, Bionic, N-acetylamino Acids, N-acylpeptide and Creatine Derivatives – Ruey J. Yu and Eugene J. Van Scott. 9. Retinyl propionate and related retinoids – John E. Oblong. 10. Antioxidants – Frank Dreher. 11. Topical Retinol: An Efficacious Solution for Improvement of Main Photodamage Signs – Christiane Bertin, Thierry Oddos, and Georgios N Stamatas. 12. Urokinase and Plasmin in Dry Skin, Skin Aging, and Skin Pigmentation – Yuji Katsuta. 13. 4-Hexyl-1,3-Phenylenediol, a NF-κB Inhibitor, Improves Clinical Signs of Aging – Cécilia Brun, Simarna Kaur, Michael D Southall, Christiane Bertin, Thierry Oddos, and Georgios Stamatas. 14. Perfumes – Jeanne Duus Johansen. 15. Alternative and natural treatments in dermatology – Conor Palleschi and Cheryl Levin. 16. Sunless Tanning Products – Stanley B. Levy. 17. Percutaneous penetration: Sunscreens – Uli Osterwalder. 18. Photodamage: Protection and Reversal with Topical Antioxidants – Karen E. Burke. 19. Actinic Keratosis – Brigitte Dréno. 20. Gel nail polish and its side effects – Noureddine Litaiem. 21. Nail Cosmetics – Robert Baran, Nilton Gioia Di Chiacchio, Christel Scheers, Josette André, Douglas Schoon. 22. Nail Cosmetics for Abnormal and Pathological Nails – Douglas Schoon, Nilton Gioia Di Chiacchio, Christel Scheers, and Josette André. 23. Treatment of nail fragility in males and females – Bianca Maria Piraccini and Luca Rapparini. 24. Nail Prostheses – Shari Lipner and Kelita Waterton. 25. Assessing the Efficacy of Moisturizers – Whitney Hannon. 26. Anticellulite Products and Therapies – Enzo Berardesca. 27. Therapy of Telangiectasia and Varicose Veins and their Complications – Charles M. Weddington, Christian R. Halvorson, Robert A. Weiss, and Margaret A. Weiss. 28. Management of hair loss – Ömer Kutlu and Uwe Wollina. 29. Pigmentation: Dyschromia – Thierry Passeron and †Jean-Paul Ortonne. 30. Treatment of keloids – Joshua E. Lane and Tanda N. Lane. 31. Keratolytic Treatment of Acne – Brigitte Dréno. 32. Cosmetics and Moisturizers in Acne Management – Uwe Wollina and Ömer Kutlu. 33. Ethnic Cosmetics – Enzo Berardesca. 34. Changes in Female Hair with Aging: New Understanding and Measures – Paradi Mirmirani, R. Scott Youngquist, and Thomas L. Dawson Jr. 35. Menopause skin, and cosmetology – Rashmi Sarkar, Preethi B Nayak, and Vivek M Pai. 36. Microneedles and cosmetic uses – Klaus Fritz, Carmen Salavastru, and George Sorin Tiplica. 37. Cosmetic Cryotherapy – Eshini Perera, Poorna Weerasinghe, Rodney Sinclair, and Karlijn Clarysse. 38. Botulinum Toxins – Doris Hexsel and Ana Carolina Krum dos Santos. 39. Soft Tissue Augmentation – Joanna Dong and C. William Hanke. 40. Chemical Peels – Philippe Deprez. 41. Lasers and Light Sources for Vascular and Pigmented Components of Photoaging – Shealinna Ge, Anne Marie Mahoney, and Robert A. Weiss. 42. Nonablative Laser Rejuvenation – Shealinna Ge, Karen L. Beasley, Christian R. Halvorson, and Robert A. Weiss. 43. Cryolipolysis for nonsurgical fat reduction – Alain Michon. 44. Radiofrequency for minimally invasive body contouring – Yu-Ching Weng. 45. Minimally Invasive Upper Arm Contouring in Esthetic Medicine – Uwe Wollina, Alberto Goldman, Ömer Kutlu.