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Textbook of Dermatologic Ultrasound

ISBN: 9783031087387
ISBN: 9783031087387
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This book provides a pedagogical guide to dermatologic ultrasound. As in any imaging field, dermatologic ultrasound is dynamic, and the area expands with the release of new technology. This textbook is a mix of the essential knowledge necessary to start and a detailed update to the dermatologic ultrasound field.

This book is divided into three sections: The Requisites, Ultrasound Features of Common Dermatologic Conditions, and Practicalities. The first section details the basic information needed in dermatologic ultrasound, including technical recommendations and dermatologic concepts. The second covers major dermatologic conditions and their ultrasound presentation, including benign and malignant skin tumors, pediatric conditions, nail entities, inflammatory conditions, infections and infestations, and aesthetics. The final section covers tips for reporting and interventional dermatologic ultrasound procedures.Chapters present substantial clinical, ultrasonographic, and histologic correlation, including algorithms to help discriminate different conditions. The book additionally includes 150 self-assessment questions (CME) in the backmatter, multiple key points, a plethora of state-of-the-art images with probes that go from 18 to 70 MHz, and ultrasound videos.

This is a must guide for physicians, residents, and students in radiology, dermatology, plastic surgery, and any professional who wants to brush up on the dermatologic ultrasound field.