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Textbook of Human Reproductive Genetics 2nd Edition

ISBN: 9781009197724
ISBN: 9781009197724
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A basic understanding of human genetics is vital for all those working in the field of assisted human reproduction. Genetic makeup can hamper reproduction and insight into this is making genetic diagnosis and counselling increasingly important. This fully updated textbook continues the clear structure of the original edition, beginning with a chapter on the basics of genetics and cytogenetics. Genetic causes of infertility and the effect of epigenetics and transposons on fertility are discussed in detail. Several new chapters are included in this edition, reflecting the advances of the field, including preconception genetic analysis and screening in IVF and mitochondrial genetics. Combining genetics, reproductive biology and medicine, this is an essential text for practitioners in reproductive medicine and geneticists involved in the field looking to improve their knowledge of the subject and provide outstanding patient care.

  • Presents a fully comprehensive discussion of this subject, from the basics of genetics to the recent discoveries of chromosomal and monogenic causes of infertility and epigenetic effects in ART as well as covering ethical debates
  • Combines genetics and reproductive biology in one practical resource relevant to both practitioners in reproductive medicine and geneticists involved in the field looking to improve their knowledge of the field and provide outstanding patient care
  • Written by an outstanding cohort of international experts in the field


1. Basic genetics and cytogenetics: a brief reminder Karen Sermon
2. Application of whole-genome technologies to ART Elia Fernandez Gallardo, Thomas Lefevre, Koen Theunis, and Thierry Voet
3. Meiosis: how to get a good start in life Ursula Eichenlaub-Ritter
4. Chromosomes in early human embryo development: incidence of chromosomal abnormalities, underlying mechanisms, and consequences for development Esther B. Baart, Effrosyni Chavli, and Diane Van Opstal
5. DNA is not the whole story: transgenerational epigenesis and imprinting Ashwini Balakrishnan and J. Richard Challiet
6. Genes are not the whole story: retrotransposons as new determinants of male fertility Patricia Fauque and Deborah Bourc’his
7. Chromosomal causes of infertility: the story continues Svetlana A. Yatsenko and Aleksandar Rajkovic
8. Genetics of human male infertility Stephane Viville and Ozlem Okutman
9. Genetics of human female infertility Svetlana A. Yatsenko and Aleksandar Rajkovic
10. Preconception genetics analysis and screening in IVF Juan Jose Guillen and Rita Vassena
11. Genetic counseling in ART Christine De Die-Smulders and Ron van Golde
12. Mitochondrial genetics in reproductive medicine Claudia Spits and Filippo Zambelli
13. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis Jan Traeger-Synodinos and Carmen Rubio Lluesa
14. Epigenetics and ART Aafke P. A. van Montfoort
15. Ethical considerations in human reproductive genetics Guido de Vert and Wybo Dondorp.