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The Acute Neurology Survival Guide. A Practical Resource for Inpatient and ICU Neurology

ISBN: 9783030757311
ISBN: 9783030757311
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This practical guide for trainees and advanced practice providers covers the essential management of hospitalized patients with acute neurologic conditions. Divided into five sections, this text serves as an incredibly easy-to-use, visually accessible, how-to manual that covers exactly what every responding clinician needs to know to care for the patient in front of them.
The first section provides tangible guidance about how to pre-round, structure a presentation, examine neurologically ill patients, and interpret the core diagnostics obtained in many neurology patients: CT, MRI and EEG. The next three sections cover common complaints encountered in the hospital: spanning from non-vascular admissions, vascular & stroke neurology topics, and core neurocritical care principals and chief complaints. Throughout are checklists, scoring systems, pro-tips, images, helpful reminders, as well as concise summary of the pertinent literature.

This is an ideal guide for medical students, neurology & neurosurgery trainees and advanced practice providers, as well as experienced professionals who want to brush up on the latest updates.