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The ECG Made Practical

ISBN: 9780702074608
ISBN: 9780702074608

Ημ. Έκδοσης







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The ECG Made Practical is a clinically-orientated book, showing how the electrocardiogram can help in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with symptoms suggesting cardiovascular disease. The underlying philosophy of this Seventh Edition remains that the ECG has to be interpreted in the light of the patients history and physical examination, thus the book is organised in chapters according to a patients symptoms.

  • Clinically-orientated with a quick reference list of cardiovascular conditions
  • Builds on the basic knowledge outlined in the classic ECG Made Easy
  • Emphasises the individuality of every ECG and uses full 12-lead ECG recordings to provide a realistic reproduction of the clinical environment.
  • The unique page size allows presentation of 12-lead ECGs across a single page for clarity.
  • Each chapter begins with a brief account of the relevant history and examination and ends with a short account of what might be done once the ECG has been interpreted.

Illus: Approx. 527 illustrations (481 in 2 color) Product Type: Softcover


The ECG in healthy people

The ECG in patients with palpitations and syncope: initial assessment

The ECG in patients with palpitations and syncope: ambulatory ECG monitoring

The ECG when the patient has a tachycardia

The ECG when the patient has a bradycardia

The ECG in patients with chest pain

The ECG in patients with breathlessness

The effects of other conditions on the ECG

Conclusions: four steps to making the most of the ECG