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The Environmental Impact of COVID-19

ISBN: 9781119777373
ISBN: 9781119777373
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Discover the wider environmental effects of the COVID-19 pandemic with this timely and up to date resource

Environmental Impact of COVID-19 delivers an insightful analysis of various environmental aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic that have caused global concern. The book discusses the transmission of COVID-19 in the environment, the evaluation and analysis of COVID-19, the socio-economic implications of COVID-19, its environmental impact, risk mitigation and management, waste management, and the environmental implications of the virus.

It also considers the socio-economic implications of COVID-19’s spread, including the effects of international lockdowns on different strata of society and various industries, including the biomedical industry, the environmental industry, and the pharmaceutical industry.

An entire section of the text is devoted to a discussion about the waste generated due to COVID-19 and the effect of that waste on different environmental bodies. Another is dedicated to the impact of COVID-19 on the environment in the short- and long-term, including its effect on climate and climate change. Readers will also benefit from the inclusion of:

A thorough introduction to the transmission of COVID-19 in the environment, including its viability in different environmental media and the effect of environmental factors in its transmission
An evaluation and analysis of COVID-19, including traditional analytical techniques, sampling for COVID-19, and modern sensor-based techniques for identification
An exploration of the socio-economic implications of COVID-19, including its effect on a variety of industries
A treatment of the environmental impact of COVID-19 in the context of risk mitigation and management

Perfect for academics and industry professionals whose work requires them to understand the wider environmental implications of the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic, Environmental Impact of COVID-19 will also earn a place in the libraries of private sector professionals working on products and services that promise to reduce the environmental impact of the coronavirus.

About the Author

Chaudhery Mustansar Hussain, PhD is an Adjunct Professor and Director of Chemistry & EVSc Labs in the Department of Chemistry & Environmental Sciences at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Newark, New Jersey, USA. His research is focused on the applications of Nanotechnology & Advanced technologies & Materials, Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Management, and Various Industries. Dr. Hussain is the author of numerous papers in peer-reviewed journals as well as prolific author and editor of several scientific monographs and handbooks.


1 COVID-19: A pandemic- Introduction

2 Viability of COVID-19 in different environmental surfaces

3 Influence of environmental factors in transmission of COVID-19

4 Models and strategies for controlling the transmission of COVID-19

5 Traditional analytical techniques and sampling of COVID-19

6 Modern sensor-based techniques for identification of COVID-19

7 Advanced digital tools for Tracing and Analysis of COVID-19

8 Challenges and Preventive Interventions in COVID-19 Transmission through Domestic Chemistry Hygiene: A Critical Assessment

9 Social and economic repercussions of covid-19

10 Industries and COVID-19

11 Ramifications of Coronavirus on the environment


13 Case Studies: COVID-19 and the Environment

14 Effect of waste generated due to COVID-19

15 Strategies for effective waste management for COVID-19


17 Environmental implications of pandemic on climate

18 COVID-19 pandemic a blessing in disguise.