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The Integrative Functions of The Basal Ganglia

ISBN: 9781498768696
ISBN: 9781498768696
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This volume is the first comprehensive and single-authored book on the functions of the basal ganglia. The goal is to provide a new synthesis of diverse areas of research on the basal ganglia, from cellular mechanisms of synaptic transmission and plasticity to neural circuit mechanisms underlying behavior. A global theory of basal ganglia function incorporating research from the last 40 years is presented. I hope to explain for the first time how the basal ganglia generate behavior, how they contribute to learning and memory, and how impairments in basal ganglia function can lead to neurological and psychiatric disorders.


  • The only single-authored book on the basal ganglia with coverage of the latest literature
  • Spans multiple levels of analysis, from cellular physiology to behavior
  • Includes coverage of clinical symptoms, encompassing neuropsychology, movement disorders, and psychiatric disorders
  • Discusses the role of the basal ganglia in learning and memory


1.      Introduction

2.      Anatomical Organization of the Basal Ganglia

3.      Synaptic Transmission and Plasticity in the Basal Ganglia

4.      Current Ideas on BG Function

5.      Behavior and Control

6.      The Place of the BG in the Hierarchy

7.      Transition Control

8.      Higher-Order Transitions and Cognition

9.     Motivation

10.   Actions and Goals

11.   Corticostriatal Contributions to Habits and Behavioral Automaticity

12.   Dopamine and Reinforcement Learning

13.   Reorganization, Exploration, and Plasticity

14.   Interpretation of Clinical Symptoms

15.   Synthesis