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The Physics and Mathematics of Electroencephalogram

ISBN: 9781032622477
ISBN: 9781032622477
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BCC: This book focuses on a systematic introduction to the knowledge of mathematics and physics of EEG and discusses an in-depth application of EEG and the development of new methods and technologies for mining and analyzing EEG. The Physics and Mathematics of Electroencephalogram offers a systematic overview of the technology for brain function and disease. It covers five parts: background knowledge of EEG, EEG forward problems, high-resolution EEG imaging, EEG inverse problems, and EEG reference electrode. The author reviews the critical technologies in brain function and disease, such as EEG sourcing, EEG imaging, and EEG reference electrode standardization technique. The book’s aim is to clarify the mechanism of EEG from the perspective of physics, mathematics, and engineering science to help multidisciplinary readers better understand and use EEG information more effectively. This book can be used as reference for researchers in neuroengineering, cognitive neuroscience, neurology, psychiatry, applied mathematics, and those researching brain-like intelligence.


1. Overview of EEG.

2. Electromagnetics Behind Brain Electric Field.

3. Biophysics and Source Models of EEG.

4. Brain Electrical Field in Regular Head Model.

5. Brain Electric Field in Realistic Head.

6. Theory of Equivalent Distributed Sources.

7. High-resolution Cortical Imaging.

8. Scalp Laplacian Imaging.

9. A Unified Framework for High Resolution EEG.

10. Basic Theory of EEG Inverse Problem.

11. Signal Space Based EEG Inverse Solution.

12. Iterative Minimum Norm Solution.

13. Zero-reference for Scalp EEG.

14. 14 EEG Reference Selection.