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The Routledge Pocket Guide to Medical Latin

ISBN: 9781032186054
ISBN: 9781032186054
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The Routledge Pocket Guide to Medical Latin is a medical reference tool like no other, providing an easy-to-use, extensive guide to Latin words and phrases commonly used in medical settings.

Offering readers a treasury of nearly 4000 Latin words and phrases, over 900 abbreviations, and numerous tables with dozens of useful Latin terms and interesting quotations drawn from the field of medicine, this volume also encompasses the related fields of pharmacy, botany, dentistry, and the veterinary sciences. This book provides quick and accessible definitions and explanations of Latin words and phrases used in the medical world, as well as a helpful pronunciation guide. In addition, there is a section of miscellaneous entries that comprises useful information, including common Latin prepositions, prefixes, and particles. Included at the end of this book is an extensive English-Latin index.

The Routledge Pocket Guide to Medical Latin is an invaluable reference work for medical and pharmacy students and practitioners, as well as general readers interested in the history of medicine and medical terminology.


Preface; References and Sources; Pronunciation Guide; Medical Latin; Selected Maxims and Quotations, etc.; Abbreviations ; Miscellanea (Miscellaneous); English-Latin Index.