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Timor’s Ultrasonography of the Prenatal Brain, Fourth Edition

ISBN: 9781260136166
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THE authoritative guide to prenatal neuro ultrasound—fully updated and revised!

Featuring unmatched content from an international team of experts, Ultrasound of the Prenatal Brain facilitates a thorough comprehension the normal and abnormal fetal central nervous system. With highly clinical text and visual atlas, this acclaimed reference covers the full spectrum of prenatal sonography tools and insight—from using ultrasound and MRI to diagnose the fetal face, eye, and brain, to the neurobehavioral development of the fetal brain.

This fourth edition has been updated with new chapters, revised content, and higher-quality 2D and 3D imaging highlighting cross-sectional views of the brain for practical learning from every angle. Full-color original illustrations demonstrate ideal fetal development, probe placement, and representative views.


  • Information on the latest device techniques, diagnostics, and clinical management
  • New 2D and 3D images offer high-quality views of all anomalies
  • Evidence-based management for practical clinical decision-making
  • 500+ photos and illustrations
  • New chapters:
    • The Fetal Neurology Clinic
    • Anomalies of the Midbrain and Hindbrain
    • Fetal Cerebral Vascular Malformations
    • Tumors of the Fetal Brain
    • Sonography of the Feta Outer and Inner Ear
    • CNS Involvement and Risk in Fetuses with Congenital Heart Disease
    • In-Utero Fetal Neurosurgery


1. The Fetal Neurology Clinic

2. Prenatal Development of the Brain

3. Normal Fetal Central Nervous System Development and Anatomy

4. Biometry of the Fetal Brain

5. Ventriculomegaly

6. Anomalies of Dorsal Induction

7. Anomalies of Prosencephalic Development

8. Malformations of Cortical Development – Proliferation Disorders

9. Malformations of Cortical Development – Migration & Post Migration Disorders

10. Anomalies Involving the Corpus callosum NEW CHAPTER

11. Anomalies of the Midbrain and Hindbrain

12. Intrauterine Infections Affecting the Brain

13. Intrauterine Insults: Fetal Stroke and Destructive Processes

14. Cerebral vascular malformations

15. Intracranial Cysts

16. Metabolic Diseases

17. Tumors of the Central Nervous System

18. Craniofacial Malformations

19. Eye Malformations

20. Ear Malformations

21. Spinal Dysraphism and Other Vertebral Anomalies

22. Fetal Cerebral Circulation

23. Central Nervous System involvement and risk of Neurodevelopmental Delay in fetuses with Congenital Heart Disease.

24. Fetal Neurosurgery