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Treatment of Spine Disease in the Elderly. Cutting Edge Techniques and Technologies

ISBN: 9783031126147
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As the population continues to age worldwide, spinal disease will become more prevalent in the elderly population.  The treatment of spinal disease requires an individual approach encorporating  best practices.  Optimal management in the elderly may differ from younger patients due to increased comorbidities, decreased bone health, and a higher risk of perioperative morbidity and mortality.

While more and more elderly patients will require evaluation and management of their spinal disease, most modern books discuss operative and nonoperative management based upon disease process.  Techniques and approaches are described for a specific pathology, and are usually tailored for a young or middle aged patient.

Treatment of Spine Disease in the Elderly: Cutting Edge Techniques and Technologies is designed to address this gap in today’s literature by expressly addressing spinal conditions in the elderly and current advanced techniques and technologies for treating their spinal disease.  It will be intended as a resource for the beginning to the advanced surgeon and practitioner whom undertakes treatment of patients in this age group.