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Ultrasound for the Generalist. A Guide to Point of Care Imaging with Online Resource

ISBN: 9781108850483
ISBN: 9781108850483
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Point of care ultrasound is a critical tool required for assessing all patients, providing rapid answers to clinical questions and facilitating high quality care for patients. This essential guide caters for all generalist clinicians beginning their ultrasound journey and extends to more advanced assessments for those with established ultrasound experience wishing to advance their knowledge and skills. It covers a wide range of ultrasound topics from echocardiography, thoracic and COVID-19 to emerging areas such as palliative care, hospital at home and remote and austere medicine. An extensive collection of colour images, videos and examples of clinical applications will inspire readers to acquire the skills of point of care ultrasound quickly, safely and systematically. The printed code on the inside of the cover provides access to an online version on Cambridge Core. An essential aid for acute clinicians, paramedics, general practitioners as well as remote medical providers, medical educators and students.

  • Offers an extensive coverage of systems, tailored to the working of a generalist, and allowing clinicians to apply this book at different stages in their ultrasound training journey both for reference and also advancement in training over the course of their career
  • Illustrated with original graphics and photo annotations to make the text easy to follow, providing an additional perspective for learning and may be applied to the ultrasound images and videos
  • A significant number of real cases and an extensive video library bring the book to life and will inspire readers to begin and develop their ultrasound journey


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Introduction – Ultrasound for the Generalist – A Guide to Point of Care Imaging
1. Physics, Knobology and Artefacts
2. Echocardiography
3. Thoracic Ultrasound
4. Abdominal Ultrasound
5. Vascular Ultrasound
6. Soft Tissue and Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
7. Ultrasound for Neurology
8. Gynaecology and Early Pregnancy Ultrasound
9. Hospital at Home
10. Palliative Care
11. Ultrasound in Prehospital, Remote and Austere Environments
12. COVID-19 – A World Stage
13. Governance and Quality Assurance
14. Training and Accreditation
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