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Uncommon Ulcers of the Extremities

ISBN: 9789819917815
ISBN: 9789819917815
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The book covers all uncommon ulcers of the extremities which remain a difficult diagnosis for clinicians most of the times. A variety of causes like metabolic, infective, rheumatoid, drug induced or inflammation may lead to ulcerations. Diagnosis of these ulceration is difficult as these diseases are systemic, and treatment is carried out by physicians but ulcers are managed by the surgeons. Any lacunae or gap in assessment or work-up may lead to failure in diagnosis and increased morbidity. This book provides a systematic and step wise approach to the differential diagnosis of every possible uncommon ulcers in the extremities with detailed work-up, flow chart and summary.

The book is systematically designed to serve the purpose of covering every possible uncommon ulcer with elaborate clinical presentation in the background of etiology and pathogenesis with risk factors included investigations and treatment with medical, surgical options well discussed as per the requirement. The book includes illustrations, flow diagrams, images, charts and tables.

The book provides every information clinically relevant and useful about the uncommon ulcers and serves as a complete resource for general surgeons, vascular surgeons, plastic surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, surgical trainees, family physicians. It may also be useful for podiatrists, phlebologists, radiologists, cardiologists, nephrologists, neurologists, wound care nurses, physicians and primary care workers.