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Unusual Diseases with Common Symptoms. A Clinical Casebook

ISBN: 9783031402791
ISBN: 9783031402791
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This book presents detailed case reports of unusual diseases with common symptoms, many of which have emerged in the past decade because of nature, advances in medical treatment, and increasing recognition of specific underpinnings of human biology and immunology. These rare diseases must now be considered when the usually considered diagnoses do not exactly fit the patient’s clinical history or treatment fails.

The second edition of this text includes eighteen completely new chapters and cases. Some of the diseases discussed include galactose alpha 1,3 galactose IgE meat allergy, candymaker’s bronchiolitis obliterans from diacetyl, and Balsam of Peru contact allergic reaction from orange soda. Chapters provide in-depth clinical examples of a wide range of diseases affecting multiple organ systems. Each case is structured by a vignette of the case, background/salient features of the case, diagnosis, treatment, key points, and questions/answers to aid in critical thinking.

Unusual Diseases with Common Symptoms: A Clinical Casebook (2nd Edition) follows the widely popular first edition, which has over 20,000 downloads worldwide. It is of great interest to practicing health care professionals as well as students and residents who will one day encounter conditions more complex than they initially appear.