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Virus-Like Particles. A Comprehensive Guide

ISBN: 9781032246734
ISBN: 9781032246734
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This book represents the first complete and systematic guide to the virus-like particles (VLPs) and their applications as vaccines, therapeutic tools, nanomaterials, and nanodevices. The grouping of the VLPs follows the most recent virus taxonomy and the traditional Baltimore classification of viruses, which are based on the genome structure and mechanism of mRNA synthesis. Within each of the seven Baltimore classes, the order taxon serves as a framework of the chapter’s arrangement. The term “VLP” is used as a universal designation for the virus-, core-, or capsid-like structures, which became an important part of the modern molecular virology. The 3D structures, expression systems, and nanotechnological applications are described for VLPs in the context of the original viruses and uncover their evolving potential as novel vaccines and medical interventions.


Key Features

    • Presents the first full guide to the VLP nanotechnology, classified by current viral taxonomy
    • Outlines specific structural properties and interconnection of the virions and VLPs
    • Explains generation and characteristics of VLPs produced by various expression systems
    • Offers up-to-date summary of VLPs designed as vaccines and delivery tools
    • Unveils interconnection of VLPs with novel organic and inorganic nanomaterials


Section I. Double-stranded DNA viruses. Chapter 1. Order Caudovirales. Chapter 2. Order Herpesvirales. Chapter 3. Order Asfuvirales. Chapter 4. Order Rowavirales. Chapter 5. Other double-stranded DNA viruses. Chapter 6. Order Lefavirales. Chapter 7. Order Zurhausenvirales. Chapter 8. Order Sepolyvirales. Section II. Single-stranded DNA viruses. Chapter 9. Order Piccovirales. Chapter 10. Order Cirlivirales. Chapter 11. Order Tubulavirales. Chapter 12. Other single-stranded DNA viruses. Section III. Double-stranded RNA viruses. Chapter 13. Order Reovirales. Chapter 14. Family Birnaviridae. Chapter 15. Other double-stranded RNA viruses. Section IV. Positive single-stranded RNA viruses. Chapter 16. Order Hepelivirales. Chapter 17. Order Martellivirales: Bromoviridae. Chapter 18. Order Martellivirales: Togaviridae. Chapter 19. Order Martellivirales: Virgaviridae. Chapter 20. Order Martellivirales: Other Families. Chapter 21. Order Tymovirales. Chapter 22. Order Amarillovirales. Chapter 23. Order Nodamuvirales. Chapter 24. Order Tolivirales. Chapter 25. Orders Norzivirales and Timlovirales. Chapter 26. Order Nidovirales. Chapter 27. Order Picornavirales. Chapter 28. Order Sobelivirales. Chapter 29. Order Patatavirales. Chapter 30. Other positive single-stranded RNA viruses. Section V. Negative single-stranded RNA viruses. Chapter 31. Order Mononegavirales. Chapter 32. Order Bunyavirales. Chapter 33. Order Articulavirales. Chapter 34. Other negative single-stranded RNA viruses. Section VI. Single-stranded RNA viruses using reverse transcription. Chapter 35. Order Ortervirales. Section VII. Double-stranded DNA viruses using reverse transcription. Chapter 36. Family Caulimoviridae. Chapter 37. Order Blubervirales: Surface Protein. Chapter 38. Order Blubervirales: Core Protein.