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Volunteering in Global Mental Health. A Practical Guide for Clinicians

ISBN: 9781108827003
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Volunteering in Global Mental Health provides much-needed information, practical guidance and inspiration for mental health professionals embarking on global volunteering across different cultures. It provides the background theory and key principles to know when thinking about volunteering, so that volunteering can be done ethically, respectfully and collaboratively. The book then leads on to chapters that outline the practical aspects of preparation and implementation of a project, with key tips on avoiding common pitfalls. This section is followed by personal and inspiring lived field examples of volunteer and hosts’ experiences of recent projects in locations such as Somaliland, Sudan, Kashmir and more. These bring to life the mutual benefits and learning potential of global volunteering. The book will help potential volunteers to understand the process, challenges and benefits of working with colleagues around the world, and inspire readers to undertake mental health volunteering globally.

  • Provides a practical guide to mental health volunteering based on extensive collected wisdom and experience
  • Offers background theory so that mental health volunteering is done on a professional footing that is respectful of culture and strengthens global partnerships
  • Includes inspiring stories of mental health volunteering, featuring stories that will resonate and inspire the reader to undertake volunteering globally


Part I. Key Principles, Theory and Concepts:
1. Background and principles of volunteering in global mental health Peter Hughes and Sam Gnanapragasam
2. Humanitarian emergencies and global volunteering-principles Peter Hughes
3. Ethical issues in global volunteering: ethicists perspective Ayesha Ahmed
4. Ethical issues in global volunteering: practical considerations Sophie Thomson, Peter Hughes and Sam Gnanapragasam
5. Benefits of global volunteering to the United Kingdom Peter Hughes
Part II. Practical Guide and Toolkit:
6. Preparation for global volunteering: professional, personal, psychological and practical Sophie Thomson
7. Onsite: working in another country Peter Hughes and Sophie Thomson
8. Implementing and delivering training as a global volunteer Sophie Thomson and Peter Hughes
9. Psychosocial techniques toolkit Bradley Hillier, Peter Hughes and Sophie Thomson
10. After the trip: coming home and sustainability Peter Hughes
11. Monitoring, evaluation and research Sam Gnanapragasam and Prof Bhugra
Part III. Reflective Accounts and Perspectives of Global Mental Health Volunteering (Include a Map):
12. Myanmar-mental health training, recipient perspective Sai Kham Thaw
13. Myanmar-mental health training, trainer perspective Sophie Thomson
14. Somaliland-mental health training, recipient perspective Djibril Handuleh
15. Somaliland and Malawi-mental health training, trainer perspective Mandip Jhetta
16. Zimbabwe-diaspora perspective of volunteering Dorcas Gwata
17. Sierra Leone-capacity building, trainee perspective on volunteering Dawn Harris, Roxanne Keynejad and Anna Walder
18. Chad, Darfur, Haiti, Sierra Leone and Bangladesh-humanitarian field experiences Peter Hughes
19. Sudan-mental health training, mhGAP trainer perspective Jane Mounty
20. Kashmir-mental health training, royal college of psychiatrists VIPSIG training programme Sally Browning
21. Ghana-supervisor perspective, RCPsych volunteer programme Peter Hughes
Part IV. Future of Global Volunteering:
22. Digital possibilities for the future Ruairi Page
23. Global volunteering in mental health moving forward Sophie Thomson, Peter Hughes and Sam Gnanapragasam.