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Westmead Anaesthetic Manual, 5th Edition

ISBN: 9781760427283
ISBN: 9781760427283
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The Westmead Anaesthetic Manual has been assisting anaesthetists,and perioperative nurses to provide safe anaesthetic care and appropriatemanagement of emergency situations for more than 20 years. This compact,comprehensive and user-friendly manual is an essential and powerful tool tohelp you manage any difficult and unanticipated situations that may confrontyou in your anaesthetic practice.Thoroughly updated and revised, this fifth edition features:• Alphabetically ordered content, enabling topics to be accessed in seconds• Step-by-step management of more than 120 emergency situations• More than 250 drugs of importance to anaesthetists, descriptions of over30 core anaesthetic procedures and more than 20 ultrasound-guided blocks• Anaesthetic management of special medical and surgical conditions such asmediastinal mass syndrome, placenta accreta spectrum and quadriplegia• Important physiological concepts like clotting pathways• Investigations of prime importance to anaesthetists includingthromboelastography• Anaesthesia in remote locations, such as the MRI suite• Non-invasive ventilation, ventilator settings and much moreThe Westmead Anaesthetic Manual is the quintessential survival guide foranyone working in anaesthesia.