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What do I say next? Everyday Mental Health Conversations in Primary Care. A Practical Guide 1st Edition

ISBN: 9781032513188
ISBN: 9781032513188
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A significant problem experienced by some GPs and many trainees is the challenge of completing a useful and safe consultation with patients with mental health problems within the constraints of a standard-length appointment. These challenges may arise from a lack of specific expertise in this area, poor training in the relevant skills and, perhaps, the attitude that there is not much that the primary care practitioner can do to help.

This new book focuses on enhancing the repertoire of communication skills available for mental health consultation, providing a range of tools and techniques drawn from accepted models, including CBT, transactional analysis, dialectical behavioural therapy and acceptance commitment therapy, and illustrating how to apply these within a typical ten to twelve-minute primary care consultation.

Essential reading for all primary care practitioners in training and in practice, the book equips readers with the confidence and knowledge to provide excellent mental health care to their patients.



Section I


Chapter 1 Data gathering

Chapter 2 Clinical management

Chapter 3 Mental health and the GP curriculum

Chapter 4 The theory behind the practice

Chapter 5 Sharing understanding using metaphors

Section II


Chapter 6 Anxiety and stress

Chapter 7 Health anxiety

Chapter 8 Low mood and depression

Chapter 9 Young people

Chapter 10 Older adults

Chapter 11 Coping strategies that can cause problems

Chapter 12 Conversations where there is a context of trauma

Chapter 13 Conversations where there is not much time

Chapter 14 Colleagues

Final thoughts

Appendix I: Glossary of tools and terms

Appendix II: The RCGP curriculum for mental health