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Working with Autistic People in the Criminal Justice and Forensic Mental Health Systems. A Handbook for Practitioners 1st Edition

ISBN: 9780367478285
ISBN: 9780367478285
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Working with Autistic People in the Criminal Justice and Forensic Mental Health Systems: A Handbook for Practitioners is the first book to focus specifically on best practice for working with autistic people in criminal justice and forensic mental health settings. Integrating current theory, research, and clinical practice, this book provides a practical guide for multidisciplinary practitioners working with autistic people who have offended, at all stages in their pathway, regardless of the nature of offending.


The book draws together contributions from leading scholarly and clinical experts in the field of autism and forensic issues as well as the views of autistic people under the care of forensic services. Each chapter focuses on understanding the impact of autism throughout the criminal justice and forensic mental health system pathways, including how these systems are experienced by autistic people and their families and carers. Case studies and practical approaches are provided to demonstrate the application of best practice to working with autistic people in secure settings.


This book appeals to a wide audience within the fields of psychology, psychiatry, nursing, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, as well as criminal justice staff (e.g., prison and probation), and will be the first of its kind to amalgamate theory, research, and practice in the area of autism and offending.


Series Foreword – Richard Shuker and Geraldine Akerman

Foreword – Will Attwood

Preface – Anne Sheeran and Nichola Tyler


Part I: Understanding Autism

Chapter 1: Autism: Context and Diagnosis – Tony Attwood

Chapter 2: Autism and Mental Health – Jermaine J. A. Thompson and Christopher Ince

Chapter 3: Receiving a Diagnosis of Autism in Adulthood – Claire King and Gemma Rogers

Part II: Forensic Issues

Chapter 4: Autism and Offending Behaviour – Eddie Chaplin and Jane McCarthy

Chapter 5: Questioning Autistic People: Police and Courts – Michelle Mattison and Clare Allely

Chapter 6: Supporting Autistic People People in Prisons – Yvette Bates and Ruth J. Tully

Chapter 7: Supporting Autistic People in Secure Hospitals and Beyond – Magali-Fleur Barnoux and Peter E. Langdon

Chapter 8: Offence Focused Interventions for Autistic People – Clare Melvin and Glynis H. Murphy

Chapter 9: Risk Assessment with Autistic People – David Murphy

Part III: Clinical Issues

Chapter 10: Strategies for Supporting Autistic People – Sarah Cooper, Andy Inett, Zoë Eastop, and Kirsty Taylor

Chapter 11: What Support Interventions are Helpful for Families and Carers of Autistc People in the Criminal Justice System? – Rachel Worthington

Chapter 12: Women and Autism – Verity Chester, Bethany Driver, and Regi T. Alexander

Chapter 13: Victimisation Experiences of Autistic People and Restorative Practice Approaches to Repairing Harm – Sarah Cooper and Lisa Whittingham

Part IV: Future Directions

Chapter 14: Future Directions for Research and Practice – Anne Sheeran and Nichola Tyler