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A Visual Guide to ECG Interpretation Third edition

ISBN: 9781975213589
ISBN: 9781975213589
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Covering the range of pathologies that emergency medicine physicians, hospitalists, and internal medicine physicians see daily, A Visual Guide to ECG Interpretation, Third Edition, helps you easily recognize key ECG patterns, test your diagnostic skills, and quickly identify potentially lethal cardiac conditions. Drs. Susan R. Wilcox and David F. M. Brown use a combination of vivid illustrations, detailed annotations, clinical cases, and ECGs to help you recognize and interpret significant features. On the following page, abnormal patterns are enlarged, highlighted in color, and briefly described. The ECGs are presented with and without annotations to better test your diagnostic skills.

  • Features hundreds of illustrations with detailed annotations, notes on underlying conditions, and discussions of abnormalities that help demystify ECG interpretation
  • Depicts critical pathologies for quick recognition, including hyperkalemia, coronary occlusion, and massive pulmonary embolism
  • Provides expanded content on the ECG signs of ischemia and RV strain/failure, BRASH syndrome, the patient with an LVAD or heart transplant, and more
  • Contains an online-only appendix with additional ECGs in random order and clinical cases
  • Includes introductory content that reflects anatomic processes and approaches to reading ECGs, emphasizing rate, rhythm, axis, intervals, and ischemia
  • Ideal for clinicians who have a broad understanding of ECGs and need further training on quick recognition of important patterns