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Atlas of Cronkhite-Canada Syndrome

ISBN: 9789811906541
ISBN: 9789811906541
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This manual treats both conceptual and practical aspects of gastrointestinal polyposis syndrome, which is characterized by dermatologic manifestations. The book offers both detailed and comprehensive analysis of the endoscopic findings achieved from 88 cases, which led to novel concepts and classification of the dermatologic manifestations according to distribution pattern, the thickness of mucosa, and intervening inflamed mucosa between polyps. The book also offers comparisons of the endoscopic features to pathological features. Abundant illustrations show the observations of the malignant lesions using special lights, such as NBI and BLI, to provide a comprehensive view of the Cronkhite-Canada syndrome (CCS) polyp.

Atlas of Cronkhite-Canada Syndrome is essential guidance for gastroenterologists and pathologists who pursue the new diagnostic approach and treatment for CCS. It also attracts clinicians interested in the latest updates on this field and those who encountered the CCS patients with refractory to corticosteroid treatment.

The risk of colorectal cancer in patients with CCS may increase because multiple inflammatory pseudopolyps make it more difficult to detect premalignant adenomas. Additionally, as endoscopy for GI disease becomes widespread in developing countries, the number of diagnosed patients will likely increase. Thus, it is crucial to have a broader understanding of the disease and the treatment strategy, and this book aims to simplify a complicated picture of the rare disease.