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Cardiovascular Mechanics

ISBN: 9781032652436
ISBN: 9781032652436
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The objective of this book is to illustrate in specific detail how cardiovascular mechanics stands as a common pillar supporting such different clinical successes as drugs for high blood pressure, prosthetic heart valves and coronary artery bypass grafting, among others. This information is conveyed through a comprehensive treatment of the overarching principles and theories that are behind mechanobiological processes, aortic and arterial mechanics, atherosclerosis, blood and microcirculation, hear valve mechanics, as well as medical devices and drugs.


    • Examines all major theoretical and practical aspects of mechanical forces related to the cardiovascular system.
    • Discusses a unique coverage of mechanical changes related to an aging cardiovascular system.
    • Provides an overview of experimental methods in cardiovascular mechanics.
    • Written by world-class researchers from Canada, the US and EU.
    • Extensive references are provided at the end of each chapter to enhance further study.



Cardiovascular System:Anatomy and Physiology. Cells and Extra-Cellular Matrix Relationship. Soft Tissue Mechanics. Blood Flow Mechanics.Experimental Methods in Cardiovascular Mechanics. Computational Methods in Cardiovascular Mechanics. Cardiovascular Clinical Imaging. Assessment and Validaton Tools for Techniques,Simulations and Models.Cardiac Mechanics. Aortic and Arterial Mechanics.Blood and Microcirculation Mechanics. Aortic Valve Mechanics. Mitral Valve Mechanics.The Mechanical Changes Associated with Aging in the Cardiovascular System. Mechanical Aspcects of Cardiovascular Devices and Drugs.