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Clinical Imaging

ISBN: 9780323084956
ISBN: 9780323084956

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Clinical Imaging by Dennis Marchiori is a comprehensive text with a clear, concise writing style that allows students and practitioners to quickly develop a better understanding of diagnostic imaging. Covering soft tissue imaging and skeletal imaging, including brain and spinal cord, chest, and abdomen, Clinical Imaging seamlessly integrates plain film with MRI and CT. And with more than 3,500 illustrations all contained in one volume, this trusted text offers the most effective, realistic and comprehensive approach available today.

New to this edition
  • NEW! Over 800 new or updated images.
  • NEW! State-of-the-art MRI images deliver more comprehensive content for this growing field within imaging.
  • NEW! Updated photographs familiarize you with radiographic positioning equipment.
  • NEW! Clearer, more detailed line art visually reinforces your understanding of new concepts.
  • NEW! Additional contributors provide fresh perspectives on important topics and trends.


Module One: Introduction

    1. Plain Radiographic Imaging
    1. Specialized Imaging
    1. Radiographic Positioning
    1. Roentgenometrics
    1. Film Interpretation and Report Writing
    1. Normal Anatomy
    1. Normal Variants

Module Two: Bone, Joints and Soft Tissues

    1. Congenital Diseases
    1. Arthritides
    1. Trauma
    1. Hematologic Bone Diseases
    1. Infections
    1. Bone Tumors and Related Diseases
    1. Endocrine, Metabolic, and Nutritional Diseases
    1. Miscellaneous Bone Diseases
    1. Skull Patterns
    1. Spine Patterns
    1. Extremity Patterns
    1. General Skeletal Patterns
    1. Magnetic Resonance Imaging Patterns

Module Three: Chest

    1. Introduction to Chest Radiography
    1. Diseases of the Airways
    1. Circulation and the Heart
    1. Pulmonary Infections
    1. Thoracic Neoplasms
    1. Miscellaneous Chest Diseases
    1. Chest Patterns

Module Four: Abdomen

    1. Introduction to Abdomen Radiography
    1. Genitourinary Diseases
    1. Gastrointestinal Diseases
    1. Miscellaneous Abdomen Diseases
    1. Abdomen Patterns

Module Five: Brain and Spinal Cord

  33.   Brain and Spinal Cord