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Complications of Glaucoma Surgery

ISBN: 9780195382365
ISBN: 9780195382365

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  • Comprehensive coverage of intraoperative complications, early and late postoperative complications, complications of antifibrotic agents, and angle surgery complications.
  • Clinical pearls and commentary sections provided.

Glaucoma surgery is difficult and fraught with complications. Some complications are common and mild, while others are rare and/or vision threatening. However, good outcomes are still likely if those complications encountered are managed properly.

This book is intended for those surgeons wishing to improve their skills and abilities to manage difficult problems that will come up during the care of glaucoma patients. Comprising seven comprehensive sections, chapters in this volume address outflow mechanisms after glaucoma surgery, wound healing processes and modulators, complications in filtering surgery, tube shunt implantation, and angle procedures, among other topics. The authors of each chapter provide surgical and clinical pearls not only for managing difficulties but in preventing them as well. Additionally, because each surgeon has their own way of addressing a particular situation, there is commentary at the end of each chapter to provide another opinion or strategy for dealing with a particular surgical scenario. Cross-referencing is provided throughout this book to direct the reader to as many helpful sections as possible.

Both thorough and highly-illustrative, this book will help both new and experienced glaucoma surgeons deal with complications and provide successful results for their patients.

Readership: Practicing glaucoma specialists, glaucoma fellows in training, and ophthalmology residents in training.


Part One: Aqueous Outflow Mechanism after Glaucoma Surgery
A. Trabeculectomy and Tube Shunts
1. Trabeculectomy and Tube Shunts
Darrell WuDunn
B. Angle and Non-penetrating
2. Angle and Nonpenetrating Glaucoma Surgery
Huijuan Wu and Teresa C. Chen
Part Two: Wound Healing in Glaucoma
3. Wound Healing in Glaucoma
Kimberly A. Mankiewicz, Leonard K. Seibold, Malik Y. Kahook, and Mark B. Sherwood
Part Three: Filtering Surgery Complications
A. Intraoperative Complications
4. Conjunctival Buttonholes
Misha F. Syed
5. Intraoperative Hyphema
Edney R. Moura Filho and Arthur J. Sit
6. Choroidal Effusion and Hemorrhage
Ronald L. Fellman
7. Vitreous Prolapse and Lens Injury
Paul Harasymowycz
8. Descemets Membrane Detachment
Malik Y. Kahook
9. Scleral Flap Dehiscence
Jeff Maltzman and Silvia D. Orengo-Nania
B. Early Postoperative Complications
10. Hypotony
Hector J. Villarrubia and Nicholas P. Bell
11. Elevated IOP with a Flat Anterior Chamber
David G. Godfrey
12. Elevated IOP with a Deep Anterior Chamber
Annie K. Baik and James D. Brandt
13. Early Excessive Iritis
Kundandeep S. Nagi
14. Early Vision Loss After Trabeculectomy
Robert D. Fechtner and Albert S. Khouri
C. Late Postoperative Complications
15. Late Bleb Failure
Peter T. Chang
16. Late Bleb Leaks
Parul Khator and Jonathan S. Myers
17. Cataracts and Visual-Axis Opacities
John P. Berdahl and Thomas W. Samuelson
18. Dysesthetic Blebs
Jason A. Goldsmith
19. Bleb Related Vision Loss
Shai Bar-Sela
20. Uveitis
Mahmoud A. Khaimi
D. Complications Common to Early and Late Postoperative Period
21. Late Hypotony without Leak
Angelo P. Tanna
22. Hypotony Maculopathy
Robert L. Stamper
23. Hyphema
Peter T. Wollan
24. Endophthalmitis
John T. Lind and Steven J. Gedde
25. Ptosis
Marc R. Criden
E. Complications of Antifibrotic Agents
26. Corneal Complications
Clark L. Springs
27. Non-corneal Complications
Anurag Shrivastava and Kuldev Singh
F. Revision of Filtering Surgery
28. Needling and Revision Complications
Alfred M. Solish
G. Complications Specific to Express Shunts
29. Complications Specific to Express Shunts
Steven R. Sarkisian, Jr.
Part Four: Tube Shunt Complications
A. Intraoperative Complications
30. Tube Misdirection and Inadequate Tube Length
Omar Piovanetti
31. Scleral Perforation
Jorge L. Rivera
32. Vitreous Prolapse
Tony D. Realini and Albert S. Khouri
33. Inadequate Conjunctival Coverage
Scott D. Lawrence and Peter A. Netland
B. Postoperative Complications
34. Early Hypotony
Paul A. Sidoti and Michael R. Banitt
35. Elevated IOP and Intentional Tube Occulsion
Ronald L. Gross
36. Encysted Bleb
Jeffrey Freedman
37. Obstruction of the Valve
Phillip P. Chen
38. Late Extruding Shunts and Conjunctival Erosions
Steven D. Vold
39. Late Hypotony
Matthew G. McMenemy
40. Visual Loss
Jess T. Whitson
41. Axial Length Changes
Osman Oram
42. Endophthalmitis
Won I. Kim and Donald L. Budenz
43. Diplopia and Ocular Motility Disturbance
Amir Pirouzian
44. Tube Shunt Related Complications of the Cornea
Nan Wang
45. Tube Shunt Related Complications of the Anterior Chamber
Parag A. Gokhale
46. Tube Shunt Related Complications of the Retina and Vitreous
Judianne Kellaway and Garvin H. Davis
47. Tube Shunt Related Complications of the Orbit
Marc R. Criden
48. Tube Shunt Related Complications in Children
Megan M. Geloneck, Robert M. Feldman, and Nicholas P. Bell
Part Five: Angle Surgery Complications
A. Complications Specifically Related to Trabeculotomy in Adults
49. Complications Specifically Related to Trabeculotomy in Adults
Adam C. Reynolds and Ronald L. Fellman
B. Complications Specifically Related to Trabectome Surgery
50. Complications Specifically Related to Trabectome Surgery (Trabeculotomy Internal Approach)
Brian A. Francis
C. Complications Specifically Related to Canaloplasty Surgery
51. Complications Specifically Related to Canaloplasty Surgery
Richard A. Lewis
Part Six: Nonpenetrating Surgery Complications
A. Complications Common to Nonpentrating Surgeries
52. Complications Common to Nonpentrating Surgeries
Andrew C. Crichton