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Computed Tomography. Advanced Clinical Applications

ISBN: 9789811993480
ISBN: 9789811993480
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This edited volume will focus on the advanced elements of computed tomography for an array of audiences, but more specifically, to undergraduate and postgraduate radiographers or CT technologists. This book will draw on the international expertise of advanced topics in CT. Typically, CT practices and approaches differ between hospital sites and workplace environments. As there are currently no universally accepted approaches, the reader can use this book to develop local imaging protocols with adjustments made for patients, the type of scanner and the radiologists’ or physicians’ preferences. Editors anticipate this to remain a key text for undergraduate and postgraduate radiography and CT students as it incorporates a holistic view of the profession whilst identifying advanced knowledge and understanding pertinent to CT practice. This is not a text on CT physics and imaging protocols alone but on the application and potential for such advanced techniques within the computed tomography field. The text, which includes most relevant technical and pathophysiological premises, also articulates learning points and pitfalls. Throughout the text, there is also an emphasis on image evaluation, with guidance on the recognition of normal, benign, and malignant pathologies and clear instruction on learning points and pitfalls. Given the increasing recognition of advanced scope of practice and professional capabilities in the field of medical radiation science, a focus on CT imaging within emergency settings, interventional environments and forensic imaging is portrayed. It is intended that this text will enhance and offer original discussions surrounding the interconnectivity of the technology, sciences research, and patient care in CT.