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Dhat Syndrome. Medical, Psychological and Sociocultural aspects

ISBN: 9789819988693
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Dhat Syndrome is known as a culture-bound syndrome in South Asia. People with Dhat Syndrome often present with anxiety and distress related to semen loss. Multiple somatic and sexual symptoms often accompany this. The symptoms of Dhat Syndrome closely resemble other neurotic and stress-related disorders. Myths related to sexuality are often the core phenomenon in dhat syndrome, which is responsible for the generation of psychopathology—addressing the myth’s preliminary results in resolving psychopathology. However, many patients require pharmacological and psychological management. Due to strong cultural beliefs and associated myths, patients with Dhat Syndrome often reach out to traditional healers before getting the proper psychiatric consultation, further consolidating their myths and poor attitude toward treatment. However, Dhat Syndrome resembles a male entity; a similar entity is reported in females, where females attribute their non-pathological vaginal discharge to psychological distress. The pattern of symptoms has a significant resemblance with Dhat Syndrome in males. There is no standard book that exclusively discusses various aspects of Dhat Syndrome. This book examines the evolution of Dhat Syndrome to the current understanding of the disease and its management. Hence, this book will be unique and helpful for this disorder.