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Diagnosing Dental and Orofacial Pain

A Clinical Manual

ISBN: 9781118925003
ISBN: 9781118925003

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A Clinical Manual

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Diagnosing Dental and Orofacial Pain: A Clinical Manual approaches a complex topic in a uniquely practical way. This text offers valuable advice on ways to observe and communicate effectively with patients in pain, how to analyze a patients pain descriptions, and how to provide a proper diagnosis of orofacial pain problems that can arise from a myriad of sources—anywhere from teeth, joint and muscle pain, and paranasal sinuses to cluster headaches, neuralgias, neuropathic pain and viral infections.

  • Helps the student and practitioner understand the diagnostic process by addressing the exact questions that need to be asked and then analyzing verbal and non-verbal responses to these
  • Edited by experts with decades of clinical and teaching experience, and with contributions from international specialists
  • Companion website provides additional learning materials including videos, case studies and further practical tips for examination and diagnosis
  • Includes numerous color photographs and illustrations throughout to enhance text clarity


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1 Introduction 1
Alex J. Moule and M. Lamar Hicks

2 The Art of Listening – Communicating Effectively with a Patient in Pain 3
Andrew D. Wolvin

3 Causes of Pain in the Orofacial Region 6
Vishal R. Aggarwal, Alex J. Moule and M. Lamar Hicks

4 Gathering Information for an Accurate Pain Diagnosis 16
Alex J. Moule and M. Lamar Hicks

5 Analyzing Patients in Pain – Describing Pain and the Importance of Descriptors 19
Alex J. Moule and M. Lamar Hicks

6 Analyzing Patients in Pain – Observing Patients in Pain 23
Alex J. Moule and Tareq Al Ali

7 Analyzing Patients in Pain – Associations with Cold and Heat 36
Alex J. Moule and M. Lamar Hicks

8 Analyzing Pain Descriptions – Pain on Biting or Eating and Other Considerations 41
Alex J. Moule and M. Lamar Hicks

9 Analyzing Pain Descriptions – Time Analysis and the Diagnosis of Orofacial Pain 46
Alex J. Moule and M. Lamar Hicks

10 Analyzing Pain Descriptions – Factors Influencing the Pain 50
Alex J. Moule and M. Lamar Hicks

11 Tests and Testing 53
Alex J. Moule and Unni Krishnan

12 Diagnosing Dental Pain 61
Alex J. Moule and Unni Krishnan

13 Diagnosing Cracked (Crown Fractured) Teeth 68
Alex J. Moule

14 Diagnosing Joint and Muscle Pains 79
Chris Moule and Iven Klineberg

15 Diagnosing Pain Referral from Neck and Shoulders 89
Scott Cook and Alex J. Moule

16 Diagnosing Pain from the Sinuses 96
Unni Krishnan and Alex J. Moule

17 Diagnosing Tension Headaches and Migraine 103
David Mock

18 Diagnosing Cluster Headaches 106
Kerryn Green

19 Diagnosing Trigeminal Neuralgia 109
Kerryn Green

20 Viruses as a Cause of Orofacial Pain 113
Michael Apicella

21 Vascular Causes of Headaches 117
Mark Paine

22 Diagnosing Neuropathic Orofacial Pain 123
E. Russell Vickers and Alex J. Moule

23 Referral Strategies for Orofacial Pain Cases 130
F. Russell Vickers and Alex J. Moule

References 133

Index 140