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Emerging Role of Nanocarrier in Cancer Therapy

ISBN: 9781032583525
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The text addresses the limitations of existing therapeutic approaches using nanoparticles. It will further provide information for the development of successful cancer nanomedicine therapies.

  • Explains different types of nanoparticles, targeting mechanisms, and approved nanotherapeutics for oncological implications in cancer treatment.
  • Covers the characteristics of various nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems in detail.
  • Discusses passive and active cellular targeting, ligand-based targeting of nanoparticles, and strategies to improve nanoparticle-cellular membrane interaction.
  • Presents the application of nanotherapeutics, current challenges, and prospects, and describes the path of future research.
  • Highlights smart strategies for improving the clinical impact of cancer nanomedicine.

The text is primarily written for graduate students, and academic researchers in the fields of biotechnology, nanotechnology, drug delivery, pharmaceutical science, and pharmacology.


Chapter 1: Nanomedicine as Cancer Therapeutics: Current Trends and Opportunities

Chapter 2: Technology Utilizing Nanoparticles in Treating Cancer

Chapter 3: Targeted Therapy for Cancer with Nanomedicine

Chapter 4: Effective Nanomedicine for cancer Therapy

Chapter 5: Enhancing Cancer Immunotherapy using Nanoparticle-Based Smart Carriers

Chapter 6: Opportunities and Challenges for Anticancer Nanomedicines based on Polymer–Drug Conjugates in Concurrent /combination treatment

Chapter 7: siRNA Therapeutic Nanocarriers for the Treatment of Cancer

Chapter 8: Boosting Nano Medicine Efficacy with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Chapter 9: Combo Nanomedicine: The Co-delivery of Multimodal Therapies for Effective, Targeted Plus Secure Treatment of Cancer

Chapter 10: Multipurpose Micellar Nanomedicine for the Treatment of Cancer

Chapter 11: Cellular Targeting using Nanoparticles for Targeted Cancer Therapy