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Essentials of Kinesiology for the Physical Therapist Assistant, 4th Edition

ISBN: 9780323824156
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Master the essentials of anatomy and body movement to succeed as a physical therapist assistant! Essentials of Kinesiology for the Physical Therapist Assistant, 4th Edition provides you with a solid background in the structure and function of the musculoskeletal system, with clear explanations of normal movement setting the stage for discussions of abnormal movement patterns and treatment techniques. To clarify kinesiology concepts, full-color illustrations show bones, joints, supporting ligaments, and muscles. Written by experienced physical therapy practitioners Paul Jackson Mansfield and Donald A. Neumann, this concise guide prepares PTAs for success in both the classroom and the clinical setting. And it includes a fully searchable eBook version with each print purchase!
New to this edition


  • NEW! Revised content and updated references provide the current information you need to be an effective clinician.
  • NEW! Discussion of Common Patterns of Joint Restriction is included in each chapter.
  • NEW! eBook version is included with print purchase. The eBook includes video clips, animations, flashcards, and labeling exercises, and allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references, with the ability to search, customize your content, make notes and highlights, and have content read aloud.
  • NEW! Video clips help you interpret new concepts with visual demonstration.
Key Features


  • More than 600 full-color photos and drawings help you understand key concepts.
  • Expert author team of Paul Jackson Mansfield and Donald Neumann represents a combined 50 years of physical therapy practice and more than 40 years of teaching experience.
  • UNIQUE! Illustrations from Kinesiology of the Musculoskeletal System depict body anatomy and movement.
  • UNIQUE! Atlas-style muscle presentations pair the illustration of a specific muscle or group with the relevant attachments, innervations, and actions.
  • Study questions include 20-30 multiple-choice and true/false practice questions in each chapter, serving as a self-assessment tool for exam preparation.
  • UNIQUE! Goniometry boxes in joint-specific chapters show how the goniometer may be used to measure joint angle or range of motion.
  • Clinical Insight and Consider This boxes link the concepts of kinesiology with their clinical applications in physical therapy.
  • Summary tables and boxes pull content together into a concise, quick-reference format.
  • Learning objectives at the start of each chapter include a chapter outline, outcome objectives, and key terms.
Author Information
By Paul Jackson Mansfield, MPT, Professor and Program Coordinator, Physical Therapist Assistant Program, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Milwaukee, WI and Donald A. Neumann, PT, Ph.D., FAPTA, Professor, Department of Physical Therapy and Exercise Science, College of Health Sciences, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI


1. Basic Principles of Kinesiology

2. Structure and Function of Joints

3. Structure and Function of Skeletal Muscle

4. Structure and Function of the Shoulder Complex

5. Structure and Function of the Elbow and Forearm Complex

6. Structure and Function of the Wrist

7. Structure and Function of the Hand

8. Structure and Function of the Vertebral Column

9. Structure and Function of the Hip

10. Structure and Function of the Knee

11. Structure and Function of the Ankle and Foot

12. Fundamentals of Human Gait

13. Kinesiology of Mastication and Ventilation

14. Common Joint Malalignments
Answer Key