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Essentials of Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology

ISBN: 9789819927173
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This textbook for graduate veterinary students provides basic concepts of veterinary immunopathology with particular reference to immunopathogenesis. The initial chapters provide up-to-date knowledge on important aspects of immunology, immunodeficiency disorders, hypersensitivity reactions, and autoimmune disorders of various animal species. The book examines different natural and synthetic immunomodulatory products that can modulate the immune system of animals. It discusses the immunopathogenesis and immunopathology of multiple diseases and immunopathological disorders in diverse animal species, including cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat, swine, equine, and laboratory animals. The book also covers the immunopathology of various body systems, including lungs, reproductive system, enteric system, mammary gland, joints, kidneys, and skin. It provides clinical manifestations that are useful in diagnosing immunopathological conditions. The book presents a highly informative text with highquality gross and microscopic photographs, diagrammatic presentations of immunopathological disorders and techniques, making it useful in both classrooms and professional training courses for students, researchers, and professionals alike.

  • Discusses immunopathogenesis and immunopathology of various animal diseases
  • Provides an overview of different immunopathological techniques
  • Reviews the immunopathology of multiple systems of the animal body