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Evidence-based Implant Treatment Planning and Clinical Protocols

ISBN: 9781119080039
ISBN: 9781119080039

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Evidence-based Implant Treatment Planning and Clinical Protocols provides a systematic approach to making treatment decisions and performing restorative procedures.

  • Offers a clinically relevant resource grounded in the latest research
  • Applies an evidence-based approach to all aspects of implant dentistry, including maxillofacial prosthodontics, from planning to surgery and restoration
  • Describes procedures in detail with accompanying images
  • Covers all stages of treatment, from planning to execution
  • Includes access to a companion website with video clips demonstrating procedures and the figures from the book in PowerPoint


Contributors, vi

Foreword, viii

Prologue, ix

Acknowledgments, xi

About the Companion Website, xii

1 The State of the Evidence in Implant Prosthodontics, 1
Gary R. Goldstein

2 Systemic Factors Influencing Dental Implant Therapy, 11
Steven J. Sadowsky

3 Maintenance Considerations in Treatment Planning Implant Restorations, 22
Donald A. Curtis, Hamilton Le, and Roy T. Yanase

4 Three-Dimensional Radiographic Imaging for Implant Positioning, 36
Anders Nattestad

5 Decision Making in Bone Augmentation to Optimize Dental Implant Therapy, 46
Jaime L. Lozada, Istvan Urban, and Joseph Y.K. Kan

6 Immediate Implant Placement and Provisionalization of Maxillary Anterior Single Implants, 57
Joseph Y.K. Kan, Kitichai Rungcharassaeng, and Jaime L. Lozada

7 Surgical Complications in Implant Placement, 67
Paul B. Greenawalt

8 Failure in Osseointegration, 77
Kumar C. Shah, S. Andrew Chapokas, and Sreenivas Koka

9 Implant Restoration of the Partially Edentulous Patient, 85
Steven J. Sadowsky

10 Prosthodontic Considerations in the Implant Restoration of the Esthetic Zone, 109
Ghadeer Thalji and Sandra Al-Tarawneh

11 Ceramic Materials in Implant Dentistry, 123
Parag R. Kachalia

12 Cement-Retained Implant Restorations: Problems and Solutions, 134
Chandur P.K. Wadhwani

13 Implant Restoration of the Growing Patient, 159
Clark M. Stanford

14 Occlusion: the Role in Implant Prosthodontics, 169
Avinash S. Bidra and Thomas D. Taylor

15 Evolving Technologies in Implant Prosthodontics, 184
David G. Gratton

16 Implant Dentistry: Challenges in the Treatment of the Edentulous Patient, 207
Steven J. Sadowsky, Howard M. Landesman, and W. Peter Hansen

17 Implant Restoration of the Maxillary Edentulous Patient, 221
Nicola U. Zitzmann

18 Implant Restoration of the Mandibular Edentulous Patient, 241
Steven J. Sadowsky

19 Material Considerations in the Fabrication of Prostheses for Completely Edentulous Patients, 269
James A. Kelly and Thomas J. Salinas

20 Digital Alternatives in the Implant Restoration of the Edentulous Patient, 293
Mathew T. Kattadiyil

21 Restoration of Acquired Oral Defects with Osseointegrated Implants, 302
John Beumer, III, Karl Lyons, Jay Jayanetti, and Eric C. Sung

22 Implant-Retained Restoration of the Craniofacial Patient, 325
Robert Ferguson Wright, Glenn E. Minsley, and Sun-Yung Bak

23 Peri-Implant Diseases, 349
Brian Kucey and Elena Hernandez-Kucey

Epilogue, 377

Index, 379