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First Language Acquisition

ISBN: 9781316507605
ISBN: 9781316507605

Ημ. Έκδοσης






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How do young children learn language? When does this process start? What does language acquisition involve? Children are exposed to language from birth, surrounded by knowledgeable speakers who offer feedback and provide extensive practice every day. Through conversation and joint activities, children master the language being used around them. This fully revised third edition of Eve V. Clarks bestselling textbook offers comprehensive coverage of language acquisition, from a babys first sounds to a childs increasing skill in negotiating, explaining and entertaining with language. This book, drawing together the most recent findings in the field, and illustrated with examples from a wide range of experimental and observational studies, including the authors own diary observations, presents an essential and comprehensive guide to first language acquisition. It will be fascinating reading for students of linguistics, developmental psychology and cognitive science.

  • Offers a breadth of content, covering several course topics, and a friendly writing style, appealing to students and instructors
  • The author has an international reputation as leading expert on the subject
  • Includes numerous examples from the authors personal diary observations and experimental studies
  • Draws on languages other than English to provide a comparative perspective on the process of language acquisition