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Flavonoids as Nutraceuticals

ISBN: 9781774913826
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Flavonoids are well-known plant metabolites that have extraordinary properties that can be used for treating health issues. The pharmaceutical importance of flavonoids is due to their anti-depressant, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant capacities. They are also of great importance when it comes to neuroprotection, cardiovascular disorders, and many types of cancer. Flavonoids are also easily available and produce less harmful side effects than some conventional therapeutics.

This new volume examines the growing use of flavonoids for prevention and treatment of diseases and discusses their beneficial mechanisms. Chapters in the volume address diverse uses as anti-aging tools, as anti-inflammatory agents, for treating pregnancy-induced disorders, as a promising tool to combat infection of Covid-19, etc. The book explores their specific therapeutic antiviral potentials, the gene expression by flavonoids, and the role of flavonoids in agriculture.


1. Nutraceuticals: The New Anti-Ageing Method

Peeush Singhal, Ashwani Kumar, Ritu Vishnoi Singhal, and Sunil Kumar


2. Introduction to Flavonoids

Deepanshu Rana, Nancy Gautam, Keshari Nandan, and Ankit Singh


3. Importance of Flavonoids in Agriculture

Neha Saini, Ritu Kataria, Ittishree Bhardwaj, and Preeti Panchal


4. Therapeutic Antiviral Potential of Flavonoids

Ruchi Rani, Mandar Bhutkar, and Shailly Tomar


5. Regulation of Gene Expression by Flavonoids

Pooja Sabharwal and Priyanka Bhardwaj


6. Flavonoids of Asteraceae – Promising Anti-Inflammatory Agents

S. R. Suja, V. Aswathy, B. S. Bijukumar, and R. Prakashkumar


7. Bioactive Flavonoids from Natural Sources: Potential Immune-Boosters

S. R. Suja, N. M. Krishnakumar, B. S. Bijukumar, and R. Prakashkumar


8. Role of Flavonoids as Anti-Inflammatory Agents

Parul Saini


9. Current Trends in the Health Benefits of Flavonoids

Harsh Mohan, Monika Chauhan, Ajay Kumar, Pragati Saini, and Diwakar Chauhan


10. Analysis of Color Fastness Properties of Natural Dye Extracted from Rhus parviflora (TUNG) on Wool Fibers Using a Combination of Natural and Synthetic Mordants

Shyam Vir Singh


11. Flavonoids in Treating Pregnancy-Induced Disorders

Niharika Dewangan and Alka Mishra


12. Their Classes and Biosynthesis of Flavanoids

Madhuri Patil and Chandrashekhar Murumkar


13. Plant-Based Flavonoids as a Promising Tools to Combat the Covid-19 Infection

Arun Dev Sharma and Inderjeet Kaur